Iconic hotel Excelsior is excited to welcome new Chef, Petar Obad

Hotel Excelsior, known for the most spectacular view on the Adriatic coast, brings fresh ideas and innovative cuisine approach, with welcoming young Chef Petar Obad. Chef Obad for some time now oversees hotel’s signature restaurants as well as supervises entire culinary operations: fine dining Senus restaurant, sushi restaurant Satu, beach restaurant Prora, legendary Piano bar Abakus, as well as stylish and unique events organized at spectacular venues of the Excelsior. Perfectly suitable for the role of Executive Chef of hotel Excelsior, Chef Obad is passionate about cuisine, latest trends in hospitality world, but at the same time he is also known as being an inspirational poet, art enthusiast and dedicated hunter.
Chef Obad says ‘I have been fortunate to work with renowned Chefs and happy that I have found a passion (that) I am in love with (it), which became my work, well, more than just work, it became my life’. After several years that he spent getting his culinary education, Chef has gained knowledge in many reputable hotels and restaurants, like Dubrovnik's Palace hotel and Hilton hotel, gaining knowledge in all culinary aspects.
When speaking to this young enthusiast about his new role at the Excelsior hotel, he says: ‘I am so excited about new challenges and responsibilities, and look forward to it, with inspiration coming from the beautiful Mediterranean’.

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