Five fun things to do on an active holiday in Dubrovnik this winter

This winter Dubrovnik invites you to a most memorable holiday in a city for all four seasons of the year. A number of cultural treasures waiting to be discovered, active-holiday trips and excursions to nearby attractions, hidden monuments and churches, and the unique and healthy Mediterranean cuisine are waiting for you just around the corner and inviting you to explore all of Dubrovnik’s sights and attractions.

To experience a rather different winter holiday, we have singled out the top five fun activities to do in Dubrovnik this winter:

1.   Biking
The vibrant surroundings of Dubrovnik, one of the most breathtaking valleys at this part of the Adriatic coast, invite you to an active tour of a countryside of vineyards, orchards, and other Mediterranean flora, during which you will stop by at a family farm to enjoy some homemade refreshments.

2.   Horseback riding
Explore the valley of Konavle on horseback and give one of the most popular outdoor activities a try.

3.   Deep sea fishing
Spend a night as the locals do and go deep sea fishing with one of the trained captains. You will enjoy a most exciting adventure that you will remember for a lifetime. Guests are invited to experience other forms of fishing as well - spin fishing, big game fishing, and others. 

4.   The ATV (all-terrain vehicle) safari
An amazingly fun and energetic experience, a drive in the ATVs through olive groves and pine forests will guarantee you a most memorable day.   

5.   Hiking
Hiking is one of the best ways to explore Dubrovnik’s surroundings and enjoy the nature to the fullest. The surroundings of Dubrovnik abound in trails and routes, each one more beautiful than the other!  

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  2. Biking is my favorite choice... there is nothing like pedaling while breathing fresh air and viewing remarkable view..

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