Music symphony by virtuosos Repin and Tarasov

Distinctive and one of a kind work of art took place on August 13th in the Rector’s Palace atrium, when two of the most celebrated classical musicians of today, Vadim Repin and Sergej Tarasov performed as part of this year’s Dubrovnik summer festival program. Deceased Yehudi Menuhin, considered as one of the best world violinists of the 20th century, once said that ‘Vadim Repin is simply the best and most perfect violinist that he has ever had the chance to hear’, which says it all about  the remarkable value of these virtuosos. 
 After the spectacular concert, while enjoying the magnificent view on the Old city of Dubrovnik from stunning rooms of the iconic Excelsior hotel and spa, they promised this was not their only visit to beautiful Dubrovnik and Excelsior hotel.
 More information at http://www.dubrovnik-festival.hr/

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