Dubrovnik triumph by Sulic and Hauser

Sulic and Hauser, world most admired 2Cellos, who have among others, performed with Elton John and appeared in numerous events all over the world, performed this August in Dubrovnik. After they played with Zagreb Soloists on August 9, at the Rectors Palace, as part of the music program of the 62nd Dubrovnik summer festival, Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser performed as 2Cellos the following day playing pop and rock interpretations in front of St Blaise church.

Their passionate and adored interpretations of hits like Smooth Criminals, With or Without You and other, delighted the gathered audience of more than two thousand guests and evoked ovations by all.  It was truly another triumph by Sulic and Hauser and we can only hope they will pay us a visit next summer as well.

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