BBC filmed popular 'Three man in a boat' at the iconic Croatian hotel, Excelsior hotel and spa

UK BBC's famous presenters Griff Rhys Jones, Dara o Briain and Rory McGrath visited Dubrovnik and Excelsior hotel and spa, and filmed a feature for their series 'Three man in a boat'. The feature 'Three man in a boat', seen by 4 million viewers per show, embarks a recreation of the novel titled the same, which speaks about the authors' (travel) journeys. The presenters had the first expedition along the Thames from Kingston upon Thames to Oxford, recreating the original novel, and bringing the most interesting highlights. By coming to Dubrovnik and Croatia, 'Three men in a boat' for the first time went outside of the UK and Ireland, showing amazing highlights of Excelsior and Dubrovnik.
Hotel Excelsior’s General Manager, Jasna Durkovic, had a great pleasure to meet the presenters at the Abakus Piano and surprise them with the pictures of themselves (positioned) exposed at the hotel's unique Gallery of Fame.  Griff, Dara and Rory were stunned to see their picture exposed next to other celebrities who visited exceptional Excelsior hotel: Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret, Margaret Thatcher, Edward Kennedy, Yul Brynner, James Cronin, Jean Paul Sartre, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Carlo Ponti, Orson Welles, Sir Roger Moore and many others.  

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