Luxury Reimagined - The Reopening of Dubrovnik Palace Hotel

Following months of intensive renovation of all 308 rooms and suites of the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel, this award-winning beachfront hotel reopened in style.
Opened in 2004, our proud recipient of several World Travel Awards and as best European Hotel and Spa resort, welcomed 2014 with a very successful facelift with a large-scale transformation from classic to modern. In April, a renovation of 271 rooms and 33 suites was completed.

From the first planning session to the installation of the designer wallpaper, the renovation was driven by the vision, talent, and dedication of the entire corporate staff merged with the architectural project designers and professional associates.


The ALH group joined forces with one of the leading Croatian hotel design companies, to lay the blueprint for the renovation. Combining modern design, comfort, and convenience, the new rooms boast spacious design with matching light colours, wooden surfaces and sleek new furnishings. The guiding principle for the concept of decorating and laying out the new rooms was to leave as much as open space as possible, thus increasing its functionality and aesthetic quality.

 Of course an upgrade in technology with minimal disruption of the room space provides comfort and luxury to fit the demands of our guests. The entire wall behind each bed is covered with custom made wallpapers uniquely designed for hotel Dubrovnik Palace rooms, which reflect stylish Mediterranean motifs, giving the entire room the perfect match of luxury and spaciousness. The artfully scaled, custom designed furniture is made of elm wood and is proudly presented as a Croatian product.   

From the new exclusive and amenity-laden accommodation at hotel Dubrovnik Palace, to the stunning view from the Sunset bar on the 10th floor, and the array of different dining options, the newly renovated Hotel Dubrovnik Palace is something to behold, enjoy and embrace.


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