What is your favourite olive oil?

Hotel Bellevue’s renowned Chef, Sasa Racunica, shares with us some inside secrets about his favourite olive oils. ‘I love this time of the year’ Chef Racunica says as the olive harvest season approaches. ‘Olive-picking will be at its full swing soon, allowing us to taste different varieties, and engage fully in olive production’. Chef Racunica, one of the biggest fans of different olive oils, is especially proud of the local Croatian varieties: ‘The tradition of oil production in Croatia dates back to the Roman Empire, and even though it accounts for only a small part of production on a global scale, numerous guests praise our handpicked olives that will become quality cold-pressed  oil..

‘In the Dubrovnik region, there are still olive trees dating back to the 17th century, and among all superior-quality Croatian varieties, my favourites come from the Dubrovnik region. They are varieties called Oblica and Bjelica which are characterized by a strong and intensive flavour.’

The Dubrovnik Hotel Bellevue serves different types of olive oil, from regular supreme olive oils, virgin olive oils, extra virgin olives oils, to infused ones, usually with Mediterranean flavours. Chef Racunica highlights his two favourites: olive oil with garlic prepared by Bellevue's expert culinary staff, known for its healing properties,  and olive oil with rosemary and chili peppers which ads a special touch to your food. 

Hotel Bellevue and its Chef Racunica invite you to visit Dubrovnik in autumn time which is perfect for amazing culinary events, and to share with us what your favourite olive is.

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