Take a peek into the Stars beneath the Stars atmosphere

This year’s event program of 'Stars beneath the Stars', held for the seventh year in a row, has been more victorious than ever, bringing some of the well known show programs and promising exceptional entertainment and major culinary experience.  Magnificent shows were first performed by Nina Badric, famous Croatian singer, continued with an amazing opera performance by Danijela Pintaric and Ronals Braus accompanied by a small orchestra, then with the unforgettable international hits by Marko Tolja and actress Natasa Janjic and led us to Cubismo that brought us popular Cuban music.
All shows have been organized at the spectacular venue of the Vala Club of Dubrovnik Palace hotel - most stunning concert venue in this part of Adriatic.  Since its launch seven years ago, the program ‘Stars beneath the Stars’ hosted more than 70 distinctive show programs with more than 350 artists and musicians performing and several thousand guests enjoying this unique entertainment program. 
Please visit http://www.dubrovnikevents.com/ to check out the upcoming show details.

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